What is an Abcess? What should I do for abcess treatment?


A swollen area containing accumulation of pus with the body tissues is abscess. It can occur in any tissue however, the most common one is the skin abscess.


The most common cause is the staphylococcal bacteria that enters the body through a wound, injury or hair follicle.


The place around the abscess becomes red, tender and feels warm when touched.


  • Keep good hygiene
  • Don’t share the towels, soaps etc. with anyone
  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Do not spread it to others

Home Remedy:

  • Avoid touching the abscess, squeezing 
  • Try using a warm compress few times a day
  • If the abscess burst on its own then it will heal in few days once the pus is fully discharged

When to see a Doctor:

  • When the abscess becomes big and painful
  • When you see more abscesses coming up
  • When you have fever
  • When you experience discomfort
  • The doctor may treat with antibiotics or decide to remove the pus from the abscess or do both

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