How do Sports Physicals Protect My Child?

AFC Urgent Care at Warrington is ready to help prepare the children for their school year and also get them ready for school sports! Every single child will need an updated sports physical in order to play any sports in school leagues as well as private/travel leagues. But a sports physical also helps to ensure that children don’t have any current health concerns and are able to safely participate in sports.

Sports physicals are important to ensure child’s safety and health. AFC Urgent Care at Warrington aims to provide the best patient care to every patient and every child. We are open from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM on weekends and are staffed with doctors. This helps us in offering the quality patient care at all times.

Important reasons for conducting Sports physicals

Sports physicals are key to ensuring that a child can safely and legally participate in most recreational activities. But did you know that a sport physical can also help children improve their overall health in the following ways?

• Ensure kids safe participation in sports activities

• Diagnose heart conditions or any life-threatening conditions

• Diagnose recent concussions or any other conditions that can inhibit participation in sports activities. 

• Diagnose conditions such as eating disorders or lung conditions or blood pressure so the doctors can put them on a care plan. 

• Diagnose and rehabilitate old musculoskeletal injuries.

• Discuss and diagnose nutritional issues, stopping any alcohol or drugs that can hinder children’s participation in sports activities.

A physical exam on a regular basis is an important practice for children and adults of all ages. But a routine physical holds higher significance for students who participate in sports activities. This allows coaches, athletic personnel, and other staff to protect the children from any illnesses or any conditions that may hinder the child’s participation in sports.

Does urgent care provide sport physicals for my child?

The good news for families in Warrington, and surrounding towns, is that AFC Urgent Care Warrington provides sports physicals via urgent care and walk-in clinic access! Our team helps to evaluate children and assess their overall health status to ensure adequate participation in sports or any such activities.

Our Medical team identifies various problems such as knee dislocation, femur injuries, elbow fractures, arrhythmia, abdominal mass, and any fevers by reviewing the injury history, vital signs, general exams, and medical history.

A physical exam is a simple and non-invasive procedure. Our doctors will evaluate the child’s vitals, blood pressure, heart rate respiration rate and full medical history. An evaluation of the child’s vision, ears, nose, throat, and abdomen is conducted. Our physician will also assess the child’s joints and posture.  Our doctor can identify issues such as allergies or asthma or any serious issues by doing a regular physical exam. 

If any further evaluations or diagnoses are required post examination, our doctors can perform a follow-up visit at AFC Warrington or any other specialists. AFC Urgent Care at Warrington also offers immunization and vaccinatione to help the child if required. 

AFC Urgent Care at Warrington works with Titus, John Barclay and Mill Creek Elementary schools, Tamanend Middle School and other High schools within the Bucks County and the Warrington area to offer medical camps and sports physicals for all the students who participate in sports. AFC Urgent Care Warrington runs specials of $20 physicals during April – August every year to help the community and ensure their children are ready to step to the mound, field, court, or elsewhere during sports season!