Why do I need a blood test?

One of the most important diagnostic tools a doctor has is a blood test. Processed in our on-site laboratory, blood tests are effective at measuring a number of factors in your overall health as well as finding ailments that may go undetected due to subtle or nonexistent symptoms. Bloodwork is a common procedure that can be performed at AFC Urgent Care Warrington seven days a week on a walk-in basis.

Common Blood Tests

Some of the blood tests we perform at our walk-in urgent care include:

  • Blood sugar and glucose tests
  • Vitamin Tests (D, B12)
  • Thyroid and Lipid profiles
  • Kidney and liver function
  • Enzyme Marker tests
  • STD testing

Depending on the type of tests you are undergoing, you may be required to fast for several hours before your visit.

How Does Blood Testing Work?

When you need to undergo bloodwork, your doctor will order it during your appointment and send you down to the laboratory for your sample to be drawn. A nurse or lab technician will take your sample and bring it to the lab, where it is processed and analyzed. This can be done instantly or take several days for an accurate result. After the doctor receives the analysis, they will be able to call you to determine next steps for care or treatment.

STD Testing

Many sexually transmitted diseases are virtually undetectable, leaving minimal to no symptoms. The only way they be diagnosed is through an STD test. Blood is drawn and one or several tests can be performed for a full workup. Results are available within a few days of the sample being drawn, after which your doctor can recommend a course of treatment or symptom management. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases and infections we can test for include:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • HPV
  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea

Bloodwork & On-Site Lab Testing in Warrington & Hartsville, PA

If you are in need of routine blood work, testing for employment or an STD test, visit AFC Urgent Care Warrington today. Our center is open seven days a week, offering hours into the evening and on weekends to best accommodate your busy schedule. Most major insurance plans are accepted, and you can reduce your wait time even more by checking in online before your visit! We work with businesses and accept patients from around the area including Warminster, Doylestown, Horsham and Chalfont. For questions, please call 215-874-3209.