Why does my child need a school physical?

 A routine school physical is an important aspect of the yearly school preparation. This could also be combined with the sports physical.

A school physical and sports physical are not the same. The latter focusses only on an athlete’s health history and physical exam only and is limited in scope. 

Need for the physical:

 This is to ensure that the child is well protetced against the serious or contagious diseases and stays healthy during the school year..

The school physical requirements may vary based on the state and school district. 

When should it be done:

The best time to schedule a school physical is well before the start of the school so that the immunizations are up to date, also to treat incase of any problem so that the child has time to be treated and recover before the school begins.

What is evaluated:

  • During the school physical a physcian will measure a child’s height, weight, blood pressure etc. They will also evaluate  eyes, ears, nose, heart, joints, chest etc.
  • The physcian will also review the family history, past medical history, medications etc.
  • Changes in the child’s health since the last physical.
  • They will also keep the immunization records current according to the age of the child and will also fill the required school forms.

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