What Should I Know About Bronchitis Treatment?

Bronchitis is respiratory illness that causes inflammation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs, which then leads to congestion, mucus, and other common respiratory illness symptoms. The only good news that patients should know about bronchitis care is that treatment is straightforward, easy, and affordable at urgent care!

If you have symptoms of bronchitis or believe that you have an initial infection, do not worry. You’re not alone. In fact, nearly 9 million adults each year come into a provider’s office for a doctor’s visit due to bronchitis. However, it is important to understand how a patient may get bronchitis and what the most efficient treatment options are.

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Bronchitis Causes for patients

Many patients can get bronchitis from similar causes of the flu. Viruses, bacteria, and other diseases are the most likely to cause a case of bronchitis for patients. In general, the causes of bronchitis for most patients includes the following, per the Mayo Clinic include influenza (the flu) and rhinoviruses (the common cold). Chronic and long-term bronchitis are the result of environmental factors such as:

Cigarette smoke. People who smoke or who live with a smoker are at higher risk of both acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis.

Low resistance. This may result from another acute illness, such as a cold, or from a chronic condition that compromises your immune system. Older adults, infants and young children have greater vulnerability to infection.

Exposure to irritants on the job. Your risk of developing bronchitis is greater if you work around certain lung irritants, such as grains or textiles, or are exposed to chemical fumes.

Gastric reflux. Repeated bouts of severe heartburn can irritate your throat and make you more prone to developing bronchitis.

Source – Mayo Clinic

Bronchitis Symptoms to watch for

Many patients are also likely to need bronchitis treatment for the multiple symptoms a patient can experience after getting an initial infection. The most common bronchitis symptoms to watch for include the following:

  • Cough
  • Production of mucus (sputum), which can be clear, white, yellowish-gray or green in color — rarely, it may be streaked with blood
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Slight fever and chills
  • Chest discomfort

Bronchitis Treatment at Urgent Care

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