Travel Tips for Patients: COVID-19 Risks

COVID-19 cases in the United States have eclipsed nearly 3 million in July of 2020. The virus continues to grow in severity and virality across the country with new surges in the South, Midwest, and Western Coast. With most of the country preparing for a surge in cases during the summer season, patients need to evaluate seasonal travel risks and potentially limit non-essential travel.

The summer is a great time to locally explore other events, activites, or recreational opportunities to enjoy the warm weather. Many families may still have plans for a local vacation or getaway. However, it is crucial that families understand how to prevent COVID-19 infections and stay safe if they are still planning to travel.

The novel coronavirus is still a major threat to millions across the U.S and thousands of people right here in Bucks County. Staying at home as much as possible is key to phasing out mass infection, but we understand that people need to enjoy their time. Based on travel guidelines and COVID-19 risks from the Centers for Disease Control, here are travel tips for patients to ensure that they are COVID-free this summer:

Protection and Prevention are crucial

COVID-19 protection and prevention are keys to safe travel in the United States. Frequent hand washing and wearing a facemask are successful ways to prevent the virus, but there are even more measures families can take to keep safe:

Clean your hands often.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Avoid close contact with others.

Wear a cloth face covering in public.

Cover coughs and sneezes.

Pick up food at drive-throughs, curbside restaurant service, or stores.

Source: Centers for Disease Control

Vacationing may require patients to frequently go out, go into stores, and order meals, which can be safely done with a few precautions.

Anticipate travel necessities, especially for local trips

Prepare a checklist of any items and safety equipment you’ll need for your trip. In fact, many major cities and large towns require specific COVID-19 protection policies including wearing a facemask out in public. A good checklist to build up a satisfactory supply kit for travel, specific for COVID protection, includes:

  • Medications and stocking for the duration of your trip
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Facemask or face covering
  • Food and water in case stores are closed (non-perishable food items are ideal)
  • Book accomodations and overnight stays that have COVID-free policies

When possible, limit travel to other countries

The U.S and several other countries across the world have initiated strict travel guidelines and even outright bans for travel. Unless it is essential travel, some countries may not even accept flights from the United States. If possible, try and rebook or reschedule your vacation to an international destination. Having flight and trip insurance can help recoup your money spent.

Local travel within the state is much safer and has less COVID-19 risks than taking a plane, train, or bus ride anywhere. If you’re still planning on your trip, make sure you don’t travel too far and keep it within driving distance.