Why you still need to go to the doctor’s office for care

While a lot of effort and resources have been directed towards fighting COVID-19, of importance is continued medical care and treatment of non-COVID-related illnesses. Maybe you’ve put off your doctor’s appointments because of fear about your risk of exposure to COVID if you venture into public. By not making your appointment, you risk worsening health and complications and worse, death. Your health is important and as long as you still have access to your doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should seek the care that you need. Even though you are living in a pandemic, you can safely go to your doctor’s office for care.

Safe Medical Care is Possible During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Patients can still safely get necessary medical care even with the threat of COVID-19. A large number of people have opted not to seek medical care during the pandemic, leading to untreated illnesses that will only likely grow worse. If you experience symptoms of serious issues like chest pain, stroke, respiratory illness, or acute appendicitis seek immediate medical care. Waiting too long before seeking medical care for a life-threatening illness could prove far more dangerous than contracting COVID-19.  If you suffer from chronic conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, etc, proper treatment and management of any of these conditions are crucial to your health and wellbeing. No matter your illness, it’s safe to seek medical care at a clinic or hospital. Furthermore, being ‘less sick’ doesn’t mean that you don’t need care, maybe just not immediately.

Safely Make Your Doctor’s Appointment

It’s important to learn how to safely book care that keeps you healthy and allows you to remain healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Since safety is a priority it’s important to do your research when seeking medical care. 
  • Know the requirements of the health facility that you will be visiting, regarding face masks, social distancing practices, capacity limit, and sanitizing protocols. 
  • Ask about any document that you should take to your appointment and payment method.
  • While at the clinic, adhere to the standard precautionary measures, including wearing your face mask, keeping hands away from your face, washing or sanitizing hands regularly, covering your cough or sneeze, and avoiding contact with surfaces that are touched regularly. 
  • Practice social distancing from others or follow floor decals indicating social distancing.
  • Ask about telemedicine options, like secure messages or emails, or virtual consults.

Frequent healthcare visits help control medical costs and stay safe during this pandemic. Don’t miss your appointments or avoid seeking treatment because of fear about COVID-19. You can receive safe medical care during this pandemic.