Why you should come to AFC Urgent Care Warrington for COVID-19 testing

Patients may likely need a COVID-19 test soon because of the rise of cases in recent months. The spread of the COVID-19 delta variant has lead to a surge in cases while an imbalance of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients means that the virus may continue to spread among mostly unvaccinated patients.

The good news is that AFC Urgent Care Warrington is here to provide affordable, convenient, and high-quality testing services for all our patients. Additionally, we aim to provide the best urgent care experience possible by informing our patients about everything they need to know about current outbreaks, how to stay safe, and why COVID testing is so important in the upcoming months:

What should I know about new COVID cases? What is the Delta variant?

The surge in new COVID-19 cases is caused by the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. The delta variant is a more infectious mutation that was discovered in December 2020 and has no spread throughout the United States. According to the CDC [July 2020], nearly 92% of all new COVID-19 cases are from the Delta variant.

In addition, patients that are still unvaccinated for COVID are more likely to be seriously ill and require hospitalization than unvaccinated patients. Patients that had COVID vaccinations within the last year are far less likely to get an infection from COVID, regardless of variant. However, patients that are vaccinated could still get infected with the delta variant, which is most likely spread through communities with a high proportion of unvaccinated patients.

New surges and COVID-19 risks make COVID-19 testing at AFC Urgent Care Warrington even more important than ever before. This time is especially critical for testing as similar cold and flu-based illnesses are likely to spread in the fall and winter months.

Wait times and turnaround times for COVID-19 testing

At AFC Urgent Care Warrington, COVID-19 rapid tests are completed on the same day as your visit which means that you can come in and get same-day results for COVID tests. Standard COVID PCR testing has a turnaround time of 24/48 hours and our staff will provide the results to you as soon as they are ready.

Wait times currently for COVID-19 testing vary since demand can vary on a day-to-day basis. However, our walk-in clinic access helps to expedite the process and provide more opportunities for each patient to get their test. Additionally, patients can currently book their spot for COVID testing online in advance so that they can prepare for their visit as well.

COVID-19 Testing Costs and Convenience for Patients

COVID-19 testing costs can vary based on your insurance coverage and benefits package, but at AFC Urgent Care Warrington we provide available testing options that are accessible to anyone regardless of cost.

Standard COVID-19 PCR testing is a zero-cost test for the patient while a rapid COVID-19 test is usually an out-of-pocket cost for some patients. We always encourage you to contact our clinic today to learn more about your specific COVID-19 testing costs.

Patients that need a COVID-19 test ASAP or right away can always contact AFC Urgent Care Warrington to learn more about COVID-19 testing hours, availability, and other FAQs.