Allergies And Covid-19 Risks For Patients

Recently, the delta variant and other newer variants of the Covid-19 virus have been sweeping throughout the country. With the pollen season underway, questions regarding allergies and their relationship with the virus have been resurfacing. Questions such as ‘am I more susceptible to the virus because of my allergies?’ ‘How do I spot the difference between allergies and covid-19?’ and ‘what options do I have to safeguard myself in this season? These questions would be addressed subsequently in this article.

Am I More Susceptible To The Virus Because Of My Allergies?

There is a fear of quickly contracting the virus due to some Covid-19 symptoms being similar to allergies. However, for those with allergies, there really is nothing to fear. Current guidance lists many groups at high risk for complications from COVID-19, but individuals with allergies are omitted. The presence of an allergy does not increase your chances of getting the virus, simple. Still, suppose you feel unwell and see symptoms beyond normal. In that case, Covid-testing becomes needed, and you can get tested at an urgent care center.

How Do I Spot The Difference Between Allergies And COVID-19?

COVID-19 symptoms overlap with those of allergy symptoms, but many people without allergies have COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, COVID-19 may also cause allergy-like symptoms in people who suffer from allergies, going unnoticed as allergy symptoms. As such, it is vital to distinguish allergy symptoms from new symptoms that may occur due to COVID-19.

The lungs and throat are affected in both cases, but a viral illness will cause a fever, which allergies do not tend to induce. Usually, sneezing and itchiness are symptoms of allergies to grasses and pollen. Still, you would not experience those symptoms from the novel Coronavirus. COVID-19 is frequently associated with cough, which is also present among patients with allergies.

In addition, seasonal allergies typically wax and wane and worsen when you are outdoors. When it comes to viral infections, the condition tends to worsen progressively. Going to an urgent care center when you notice a progression in symptoms is the best move to make.

What Options Do I Have To Safeguard Myself In This Season?

Get tested. Understanding the dangers posed by ignorance, getting yourself tested for Covid is the best way to clear any confusion regarding troubling symptoms. You can do this at an urgent care center.

Stay indoors. It is the season for allergies, pollen everywhere, your face would begin to feel itchy as you leave your environment. Stay indoors when necessary. Protect yourself from triggers for your allergy.

Observe Covid-19 protocols. Maintain social distance even when you are indoors. Cover your nose and mouth with a nose mask when you go out, and wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water to kill off the virus on the surface of your skin.