What are the benefits of Rapid PCR COVID-19 testing in 2021?

Rapid PCR COVID-19 Testing has been one of the most effective ways to ensure that you are safe and ready to return to normal activities after the peak of the pandemic. Healthcare organizations, urgent care providers, and clinics have all caught up on the best ways to ensure patients are safe in a quick and efficient way with rapid PCR testing at both large and local healthcare provider locations.

There is a lot of information regarding COVID-19 testing such as when patients need to get a test, how long testing takes, and the options available. However, the rise of vaccines and boosters may make COVID testing feel obsolete to many patients but this is not the case. Even with vaccines and boosters a patient may still need COVID testing since the virus can still spread. Vaccines greatly boost immunity but they can’t protect every patient from the virus.

Rapid PCR COVID testing, like the testing service offered at AFC Urgent Care Warrington, is arguably the best way to get COVID-19 testing for many patients. Below, our team will dive into the many patient benefits as well as the fastest way to get your COVID-19 test at our urgent care center and walk-in clinic!

Rapid PCR COVID tests are much faster than standard tests

Early COVID-19 testing during the pandemic took some time to process results and return them back to patients. Since then, many urgent care centers have stocked up on Rapid PCR COVID tests that process and return results back to the patient on the same day of their visit.

Standard COVID-19 tests are likely to return results to patients in 24-48 hours, depending on the demand of COVID-19 testing in certain locations. A Rapid PCR COVID-19 test can return patient results on the same day of their visit and they can leave the clinic with a sure diagnosis of the virus. Additionally, PCR tests can be paired with other illness testing so patients can learn the cause of any illness symptoms from flu, colds, and similar viruses as well.

Rapid PCR COVID tests are available daily without a referral

Patients that need to get a rapid test can do so by simply booking a visit online or by visiting our walk-in clinic when their schedule has an opening to get tested.

There are no special procedures or limitations for patients to get PCR COVID testing at an urgent care center. Just book or visit when you are available and you can be seen by an urgent care provider in just a few minutes.

AFC Urgent Care Warrington is ready to provide same-day Rapid PCR COVID tests for patients at our walk-in clinic and urgent care center. Just book online or visit us directly today and we’ll be happy to help you ASAP!