What Should I know about the COVID-19 Vaccine Booster?

The COVID-19 Vaccine has been one of the most important public health needs for the general public. Many patients want the booster to ensure that they don’t get family and friends sick during the pandemic after the initial surge. The vaccine has rolled out across the U.S and now many patients are questioning if patients need a booster shot for the vaccine.

Vaccine boosters have been a topic of debate among both regional and national audiences, but the CDC recommends the use of boosters for many patients in the near future. In fact, the CDC determined that current COVID vaccines are effective but certain communities may have higher risk than others for infection which makes the booster worth getting.

However, the vaccine booster is new and attitudes surrounding the vaccine can vary between communities and individuals. That is why AFC Urgent Care Warrington compiled the following FAQs to ensure that all patients are safe and knowledgable about the COVID-19 booster vaccine:

The booster vaccine is safe for individuals that had a previous vaccination

According to public health experts at John Hopkins Medicine, the booster vaccine is a safe way to improve immunity to the COVID-19 virus and potential variants that emerge.

Experts explain that many immunocompromised individuals with the vaccine are the most likely to benefit from a COVID-19 booster shot. In fact, many individuals that were in the first public phase of COVID-19 vaccinations, such as older and immunocompromised people, are receiving recommendations from public health officials to get a booster.

Later weeks of the fall season are likely to qualify most individuals vaccinated for a booster shot.

Booster vaccines are widely available for patients

Many booster vaccines are available for patients nearby that want to boost their immunity to the COVID-19 virus. Retail clinics, pharmacies, local healthcare providers, and similar locations offer an accessible booster for the majority of patients.

Booster vaccines are being pushed heavily by local health departments, medical providers, and the greater medical community due to their increased effectiveness. Many towns and cities, and government organizations at federal and local level, are advising patients to find nearby locations with pharmacy and healthcare awareness campaigns.

Ask your primary care provider or your local healthcare provider about available locations for the COVID-19 booster vaccine if you have any additional questions.

Boosters and COVID-19 Testing are helpful in reducing infection and spread of the COVID virus

Boosters coupled with rapid COVID-19 testing at AFC Urgent Care Warrington are the best ways to ensure that you are safe throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Rapid COVID-19 testing can detect the virus quickly if you believe your sudden seasonal illness symptoms were from contact with an infected patient. Vaccines and boosters help tremendously but that doesn’t mean you can’t contract or spread the virus. A vaccine can boost immunity but it doesn’t effectively guarantee immunity right away. Patients could be susceptible to the virus before their booster fully kicks and patients that can’t get the vaccine immediately may need frequent COVID-19 testing to get back to work, school, or other activities.

And if you need same-day COVID-19 testing then make sure you book online at AFC Urgent Care Warrington ASAP to get same-day rapid COVID testing. Stay safe during the upcoming fall and winter seasons by booking online!