Is Walk-In COVID-19 Testing Available?

Patients have likely received several COVID-19 tests over the past year when going to visit others, back to school, or for work. As COVID-19 prevention and testing has advanced, more options are now available for patients including walk-in COVID-19 testing.

At the start of the pandemic, many public health organizations and healthcare providers provided by appointment only COVID-19 testing. Drive through testing by appointment was also a heavily utilized COVID-19 testing method for patients.

In recent months though, patients can now get walk-in COIVD whenever they need a test. Additionally, AFC Urgent Care Warrington provides walk-in COVID-19 testing for same-day rapid COVID test results. If you need walk-in testing then visit us ASAP!

If you’re interested in learning more about walk-in COVID-19 testing then keep reading below on when, and how, patients can get walk-in COVID tests:

Walk-in COVID-19 testing for the holidays

If you need a COVID-19 test and you’re in a rush for the holidays, then visit a walk-in clinic for COVID-19 testing!

Walk-in clinics are usually open for patients well before the holidays, and sometimes during the day, whenever a patient needs to stay safe before visiting their family and friends. Walk-in COVID-19 testing offers a reassurance that you are healthy and COVID-free before any holiday gathering.

Walk-in COVID-19 testing for work

COVID-19 testing for workplaces varies depending guidelines for individual businesses as well as local mandates for testing. The good news is that walk-in COVID-19 testing offers a fast way for an employee to get testing without worrying about an appointment.

A walk-in COVID-19 test allows an employee to get a test as soon as they have availability. Those employees with the busiest schedules can simply visit a clinic like AFC Urgent Care Warrington and get tested. Rapid COVID-19 testing at our walk-in clinic provides test results in just a few minutes.

Walk-in COVID tests for school and students

Students that need a COVID-19 test at any level of schooling just simply visit a walk-in clinic and can get tested.

Schools and universities can have a lot of requirements for walk-in COVID-19 tests and the students need a fast option to get tested. Thankfully, a walk-in clinic gives students COVID-19 testing to get clearance for a return to campus, recreational activities like school sports, and the ability to continue enrollment.

If you child or student needs a same-day Rapid COVID-19 testing then make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Warrington.