Where Can I Get a Rapid COVID-19 Testing this Fall?

The fall 2021 season should have a little less stress than last year during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, COVID risks along with seasonal illness and injury risks are still around the corner in the “new normal.”

Even though cases have slowed down COVID-19 is still a major public health concern. Certain mask wearing mandates, guidelines, and safety procedures for workplaces, schools, and recreational areas are still in effect. Vaccination rates have gone up but that doesn’t mean patients don’t need COIVD-19 tests.

Many workplaces may require COVID-19 testing, depending on the industry or sector where you work while others have both vaccine requirements and COVID test requirements. Additionally, COVID-19 tests ensure that you can visit family and friends safely while also making sure you didn’t get the virus after a large event.

So where can patients get a COVID-19 test this this fall that is both fast and convenient?

Urgent care is a high-quality and accessible option for COVID-19 testing

Patients that need same-day rapid COVID-19 testing can always visit an urgent care center to get a fast and accurate COVID-19 test.

Urgent care centers maintain CDC-standards for sanitation and protection, provide Rapid COVID-19 tests with same day results, and also offer illness testing for other services. That means a patient can diagnose their sudden illness symptoms from other viruses and diseases besides COVID-19, all in one visit.

Urgent care is a high-quality and accessible option for COVID-19 testing that doesn’t require a referral or appointment.

Walk-in clinics also offer COVID-19 testing for patients without appointments

A walk-in clinic, similar to urgent care, can also provide a useful means for patients to get a COVID-19 test.

Walk-in clinics provide treatment for injuries and sudden illness symptoms on a first-come, first-serve basis without the need for an appointment. Patients just simply walk-in and get their COVID-19 test once they are the next in line for a test.

A patient that visits a walk-in clinic can expect a visit that is shorter than a typical ER visit for COVID testing as well as other injuries and needs.

How about a walk-in clinic and urgent care center combo for COVID-19 testing?

Any patient that needs to get same-day COVID-19 testing with an appointment or on a sudden walk-in visit can visit a combo walk-in/urgent care center like AFC Urgent Care Warrington.

Patients have a fast and flexible option for rapid COVID tests with the affordability and accessibility of both urgent care centers and walk-in clinics. Book or visit when the time is convenient for you and our team of providers will give you the best possible care when getting your COVID-19 test.