COVID Testing Time Slots: Mon-Fri 8.30 AM-7.30 PM; Sat-Sun: 8.30 AM-5.30 PM

NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED. Swab, Flu & Strep. COVID-19 Antibody Testing and (PCR & Rapid tests) Swab Testing available.

We are also administering COVID Vaccine. Please register HERE. (We have temporarily suspended registrations until we get more allocation from PA DOH)

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What is Athlete’s Foot?

ATHLETE’S FOOT Athlete’s foot, also known scientifically as tinea pedis, is an infection caused by fungus. It is known to most commonly occur to people who get sweaty, while wearing tight shoes, in other words usually athletes. But, it is known to occur to people who do not engage in sports or other such activities.  …

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What is an Abcess? What should I do for abcess treatment?

Abscess: A swollen area containing accumulation of pus with the body tissues is abscess. It can occur in any tissue however, the most common one is the skin abscess. Cause: The most common cause is the staphylococcal bacteria that enters the body through a wound, injury or hair follicle. Symptoms:  The place around the abscess …

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