COVID-19 FAQs and Updates for Patients

Rapid COVID-19 Testing and COVID PCR Testing at AFC Urgent Care Warrington:

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

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COVID-19 Vaccine

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IMPORTANT: AFC Urgent Care Warrington is providing COVID-19 testing from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM or earlier if we reach our Maximum Capacity at our urgent care center and walk-in clinic. We are currently not offering appointments for Covid Testing and it is done on a first-come basis. 

COVID-19 Vaccine in Warrington, PA

Receive your COVID-19 vaccine at AFC Urgent Care Warrington. Using the button above, you can pre-register your appointment today.

From there, you will need to upload a picture of your ID, insurance, and select an available appointment time. If there are no times listed, there are no appointments available. 

Determine your eligibility to receive the vaccine by using the resources provided by PA DOH and Bucks County DOH.

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COVID-19 Testing in Warrington, PA

AFC Urgent Care Warrington is now offering COVID-19 diagnostic swab testing and rapid testing.  to provide patients who have recently exhibited symptoms of the novel coronavirus and are in need of an accurate diagnosis. 

Our urgent care center is offering a rapid swab test that takes moments to perform and detects the active virus in mere minutes. Swab testing is the most effective way to get an accurate diagnosis. AFC Urgent Care Warrington offers COVID-19 testing by walk-in visit or by call. 


Rapid COVID-19 Testing FAQs for Patients:

When can I get a RAPID COVID-19 test?

  • A RAPID COVID-19 test is most accurate when the test is done within the first 7 days of symptom onset. A RAPID COVID-19 test done after the first 7 days is not considered to be accurate, and a RT-PCR test is recommended.

Which test is more accurate/more sensitive for COVID-19?

  • According to the FDA, the RT-PCR test is the “gold standard” for COVID-19 testing today. Rapid COVID19 tests can miss 18-20% of active cases and having a negative rapid test does not necessarily mean you do not have COVID-19, especially if you have symptoms.

How fast is a RAPID COVID-19 test?

  • You will recieve rapid result tests in less than 1 hour

COVID-19 Testing FAQs for Patients:

Do you do COVID 19 Testing? 

  • Yes. We are performing Covid-19 RT-PCR, Covid-19 Rapid Antigen and Rapid Molecular tests.

What is the turnaround time for the results?

  • It is currently taking 36-48 hours to get the results in majority of the cases. However, this turnaround time is not guaranteed.
  • The Rapid tests results are usually out within 1hour

How do we get our results?

  • Please do not call us for your results. Please send us a text message to our Text only number at (267) 223-9682‬ with your last name, date of service and Date of birth. Please give it at least 24 hours after your test to send us a message.

What kind of test do you do?

  • Yes, the results of the COVID-19 RT-PCR test can be used for Pre-Surgery and Travel. We do currently partner with surgery centers around Bucks County. We also partner with airlines for travel clearances.

Can the test be used for Surgery and Travel?

  • Yes, the results of the test can be used for Surgery and Travel. We do partner with lot of surgery centers around the Bucks county currently. We also partner with airlines currently for travel clearances.

Do you have different procedures for Surgery and Travel?

  • If you need a Covid-19 test for Pre Airline Travel, Pre-surgery, and you are asymptomatic please park your car and proceed into our building for your testing. For a COVID test for Pre-Airline Travel, please be prepared to show a copy of your flight itinerary or a copy of your boarding pass.

Please explain the testing process?

  • Upon arrival at the parking lot, please see the Front Desk for a registration form, and they will instruct you to fill out the form
    outside. After completing the registration form, return the form to the Front Desk and they will add you to the testing queue.

Do you need appointments for testing?

  • COVID-19 testing is done on a first come, first-serve basis. You do not need an appointment for a COVID-19 test.

Where do you send your test samples?

  • We send the RT-PCR COVID-19 tests to LabCorp. Rapid Antigen and Rapid Molecular tests are done in the center and are not sent out to a separate lab.

Can we get our results mailed to us?

  • Please let us know at the time of sending us a text message about your requirement to get the results emailed to you. We use our HIPAA-compliant email service Medsender to send you an email. 

Do you accept insurances for Covid testing?

  • Yes, we accept most insurances for Covid testing. As of June 2021, currently there is no co-pay or co-insurances with most insurances, however please check with your insurance provider for additional details. The coverage levels may vary with the insurance and the reason for your testing. (Surgery, Travel Exposure)

What if I don’t have insurance?

  • If you are uninsured, but have a Social Security number, you may be covered by the Federal Cares Act. You would need to sign a document attesting you are uninsured. Please check with our staff before getting tested.
  • If you do not have a Social Security number, a self-pay COVID-19 test is $160 per person

What documents do I need to bring for the visit?

  • You would need to bring your insurance card and
    Driver ID. For minors please bring the Insurance card and photo ID of a