Lab Testing

Lab testing services in Warrington, PA: No Appointment Needed!

While most think of urgent care centers as the go-to resource for treatment of sudden illness or injury, did you know our clinic also offers lab testing for both children and adults? AFC Urgent Care Warrington offers convenient, preventative healthcare for these wellness checks and to help diagnose your sudden injuries or illness with routine lab testing

Simply walk into our urgent care clinic in Warrington for a routine lab test or blood work, no appointment needed, for a low self-pay fee. (Health Insurance not accepted for this type of visit.)

What Does a Lab Test Include?

Vital signs will be measured before your physican or PA takes a sample for your specific lab testing. Height, weight, and vital signs all act as a barometer of important bodily functions and provide a sort of quick snapshot of your overall health.

Tracking vital signs over time, including blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, and respiration rates, are useful tools to assess your risk for numerous health conditions and chronic diseases.

Providers at AFC Urgent Care Warrington can then administer a blood test, STD panel, or any other type of diagnostic test. Just simply walk-in to get started today.

Why Do I Need a Lab Test if I Feel Fine?

If you wonder why a lab testing is necessary, you’re not alone. The fact is, many diseases are “silent killers,” which gradually manifest symptoms. These diseases, such as heart disease or Type 2 diabetes, are best treated in their early stages.

Additionally, a lab test can help keep you informed of your overall health and what you can do to treat sudden illnesses such as the cold, flu, or similar viruses.

During a lab test at AFC Urgent Care Warrington, you may request the following tests:

  • STD/HIV testing
  • Cancer screenings
  • Cholesterol check
  • Heart rate reading
  • Blood panel test
  • And more